Popular Trends in Bridal Clothing To Look Out For

There are several trends in bridal lehengas, sarees and sherwanis that you might be seeing right now but the question is how many of them can you actually afford to wear on your special day? Some of them even cost more than a luxury car. How can one expect to spare that kind of cash for just one night and over an outfit that they are not going to touch the second time?

Seems unfair doesn’t it? Well, for most of us the dream of donning a designer outfit will remain just a dream. But for the ones reading this post, it might become a reality, but how? Well if you are looking for bridal lehengas or sarees or sherwanis on rent in Bangalore, you are looking in the right direction. This is the only way to ensure that brides look like queens and the grooms like kings without stretching their purse strings.



Some of the most sought after trends in bridal lehengas and sarees and sherwanis are way beyond our reach but clothing rentals in Bangalore are turning things around. They are making it possible for “to-be-married” couples to wear their dream attire on their special day. Designer sarees, suits, jackets, bridal lehenga, and sherwani on rent in Bangalore are the new norm among millennials. Let’s have a look at some of the trends both brides and grooms are after:

Long Pallus Are In

Today many brides are just gaga over long trains and pallus, thanks to Priyanka Chopra’s ridiculously long white train that she donned at her wedding. Everyone wants to look like a princess with long trains and pallus when they are on designer sarees, they always make for a bigger style statement at weddings.

Uniquely Draped Lehengas And Sarees Are On Point

This is a sure shot way to make a statement. There are over 1000 ways to drape your sarees and the same can be done with a lehenga. Yes, don’t curb your imagination.

Pick A Saree With Jacket

Jackets are crazy beautiful! You want to be the next big thing everyone talks about? Pair a jacket over your bridal lehenga or saree!

Dark Hues Are In

Don’t you just love a groom who can flaunt a bit of colour? This is the right way to experiment with your wedding outfit and every groom should try to do it. Pick a tone of blue, green or violet without going over the top. Keep them dark, keep them classy.

An Embroidered Stole Steals The Show

A straight cut sherwani paired with a heavily embroidered dupatta / stole is ideal for a tall groom especially for a cooler wedding.

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Dhoti!

Don’t forget to try the age old classic colour combinations such as beige with red or off white with maroon. What better way to combine them with a dhoti, right? Super traditional and class apart! So which style are you picking today?

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